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Conserving Water with Faucet Selection

A lot of water is wasted at the kitchen and bathroom sinks. We often “leave the water running” because it’s inconvenient to turn the water off quickly and easily without losing the temperature setting. Faucets with lever type combination temperature & volume controls solve this concern and make turning water off, then on again easy. These faucets allow you to quickly turn off / turn on the water while holding temperature. If you get into the habit of rinsing a plate and turning off the water while scrubbing or while you’re putting the plate in the dishwasher, you may save up to 5 gallons per washing session, an average of 1,500 gallons per year. These types of single lever faucets also make it easy to turn the water off quickly during hand washing while soaping up and scrubbing, and brushing teeth so consider selecting them in bathrooms.


Water Conservation is a lifestyle. Thinking about when you can conserve by temporarily turning off faucets and being aware of how much water is wasted is the first step in conserving this precious resource.


This article was originally written for the United States Green Building Council’s “Green Home Guide”.